Saturday, May 12, 2007

money comes easily and frequently

-knowing that money comes easily and frequently... and deciding ahead of time, regardless of how challenging I think it will all flow effortlessly when I need it
-spending time with Nicholas. I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks
-tomorrow being Mothers Day. My mom. How supportive she is and how I can hear in her voice that she is proud of me... that Nikus and I are going to take Cynthia out somewhere tomorrow and she gets to feel totally loved and appreciated!
-my health. that even though I have a horrible cold at the moment, it is only for the moment and my body is resilient and strong, and I am getting more and more in shape every month
-the interesting classes I will take this summer... I love beiing in school!!!
-I am manifesting a circle of ACADEMIC friends!!! I so want to surround myself with good people who care about themselves, others and the earth. People who are passionately intelligent and always self-educating and growing. I am so glad to see this happening! I love knowing people who make things happen! I love BEING someone who makes things happen and know I am going to get even better at it!
-seeing Rowan at the ween show and us talking about manifesting.... knowing we are creating magic and being present to witness it! People as focused on change as I am! It motivates me!
-rain, the smell of it!
-looking at GA aquarium pics with Nikus today and seeing his excitement!
-you and all of your wonders!

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